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Group Fitness Classes

Our strength & conditioning classes will help you not only reach your aesthetic goals but more importantly will teach you how to move better & feel your best!

Our expert coaches & meticulously programmed workouts are able to help you reach any goal whether it is performance based, overall health focused, or aesthetically driven.

Kettlebell Club

Kettlebells are one of the most versatile & badass tools in fitness. They can seem intimidating BUT have no fear BC is here to guide you & get you loving this epic tool. Expect to get stronger, more mobile, & seriously conditioned with dynamically awesome workouts.

Class will be led by BC’s Coach Carmen who has numerous KB certs, works with @kettlebellkings , & has taught kettlebell courses across the US. Think of this as an awesome full body conditioning addition to your already stellar BC classes that will drastically improve how you work with kettlebells for life.


Level Up Classes

Level Up your fitness game with these specialty pop up classes that will teach you skills in everything from boxing & steel mace training to line dancing. Stay locked in to our Instagram for details on upcoming classes.

The more you participate in these classes the more you benefits you get & not only physical benefits we also have a rewards system where you earn points that get you deals & swag.

Run Club

New to the neighborhood & looking to get to know some awesome Nashville people like our incredibly welcoming members? Come to our FREE BC Run Club that takes place once a month on a Wednesday at 6pm in Spring, Summer, & early Fall (weather permitting). Stay locked into our Instagram for the most up to date schedule & details about these.

BC Basic Nutrition

Our BC Basic Nutrition Program will teach you a real, sustainable approach to eating healthy that you can use for life.

  • Your macros calculated to your specific goals, whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, recomposition, or maintain.

  • Helpful sheets on protein, carbs, fats, pre/post workout nutrition, how to stop pressing pause on your goals, how to break bad habits, meal prep guidelines, vegetable recipe templates, easy shake recipes, alcohol intake, eating healthy on a budget, immunity, going out to eat, elimination in order to find out food intolerances.

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